A Meeting With Death

Sun, 06/25/2017 - 03:51 -- Na

So you are Death 
a scavenger of breath
a vulture for pleasure
Preying on life's treasure 
Each heart beat you measure...

You have prettified me to my core
But no more! 
Fear will no longer keep score 
Today I welcome you at my door
Come in! 
Leave your footprints on my floor
To reminded me never to crawl!

Join me on this journey
drown in my ecstasy
Feel my sexuality 
Loose control in my fantasies....
Penetrate deep into my darkness
I have nothing to hide 
Come along and alight upon this ride!

Just for once jive on this other side
Observe and find your mind 
Transfixed on love and lust 
and Bodies entwined 
Listen to my excitement mount 
as you choke yourself 
on my account

Oh Death! What a mistake I have made,
A coward to my bursting urges to be free
Afraid of your ever presence to be ME
I've been a prisoner of my own judiciary 
But at last I see like the blind
who sees for the first time
And I accept your crime
I embrace your truth!

I invite you to share the joys of my youth 
And beyond
where boundaries no longer bond
Live vicariously through me and persist
Inhale every moment to fully exist!
And when you decide my time is up, 
feel the emptiness of this bottomless cup 
The excruciating sadness that fills it up
to leave this journey we are on.

I want you to forever remember 
that once you lived as a contender 
Not as a lifeless tree in December 
But in full bloom
Fresh from the womb 
Life! the greatest gift to be given 
Ah to give! and NOT to be taken!
But alas, even you have no jurisdiction!

©  3 months ago, Naomi   

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