Medusa’s Ballad

Mon, 09/09/2013 - 19:11 -- Neche


Once unsoiled, now usedFear causes suffocation from the abuse. How many times can it replay? “Your disgusting… filthy… dirty… It’s your fault.You can’t tell anybody.” You’re not so beautiful anymore,Never had much of chance,You don’t even wish to settle the score. Hate; yourself, them, the mirror at night.Nightmares even in the daylight. Long flowing hair now serpents;Innocent eyes now turn you to stone. “It was your fault,”That's what we were taught. Never go near them again,Too afraid to let anyone in. Don’t touch me too fast,It makes the memories come back. I don’t want to even try,We’re all hopeless minds. It’ll never get better,Never go away,Give up now and save your strength. You’ll be turned to stone if you dig too deep. We were meant to live alone.


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