O, dear Medusa, once beautiful with skin

that can make any man want you. Hair once

so lovely that any female would be envy.

Now, my beloved Medusa, a nasty curse were brought

upon you. Athena, who you said were so jealous

of you, struck a wicked curse.  Your skin, my

poor Medusa, is so rough it can cut. Scales

are everywhere on your body, just like your sisters.

The hair that was once lovely is now nasty and

filled with evil. Snakes, dreadful, awful, slithering

snakes of Hell are upon your head.


O, my ill-fated Medusa, those eyes that once captivated the men

and all their love now  takes away their body to a lifeless

state. If someone brave were to dare look upon your

eyes, they will suffer an unfortunate death to stone. This curse

has made you angry and appear to become a monster to all

those who come around. I don’t blame you, for you were

the unlucky one to be cast with such abhorrent beauty.

For you to be damned like this was such a pity.


O, miserable Medusa, for your time will be coming to an end. Fearless

Perseus will be coming for your head. The sharp, tenacious

blade of Perseus will come to take your misery away.


O, my hapless Medusa, even though your head will be

without a body, the curse remains in effect. Your awful

curse is much too powerful to get rid of. But, ‘til then,

my poor Medusa, be patient, for your fate awaits you in

the future. The misery and pain for you shall be over.




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