The Medium Struggle

Why is this so difficult?All I want to do is write.That should be the most important thing.Yet I focus on two things;Paper…Or keyboard? Do I want to writeWith a smooth blue gel ink pen,Or do I want to quickly typeWhat I thinkAs it pops in my head? I sit at the kitchen tableUnder the dim lightWith my laptop openAnd a notebook and penLaying in front of me. I want to feel the ballpointRolling around effortlesslyOn the blank white paper,Aching to be made into somethingBeautiful. I want to quickly spit outPages and pages of poetryWithout having to scribble,Without ripping out useless sheets. I just want to write.Sometimes it is paper,Sometimes it is keyboard.In the end,It doesn’t matter.I sit with my mediumAnd bleed.

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