Measly Hours

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 14:14 -- lpartam


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Not minutes.
I refuse to drive through.
Maybe I’m one of a few.
I’ll start with time.
I could not go.
But I won’t drive by that city.
Even if its two hours.
Just a quick hello.

Only two hours.
Would you prefer no hours.
That I sit like a wallflower.
That I never empower.
Don’t try to stop a system before it devours.
That I stay at home and cower.

Do you want me to not give two hours?
Because people say Detroit is a threat.
Because people look at the city with regret.
Because I can’t stop the neglect.
Because I’ll tell stories that make whites fret.
But I know what I’m doing is correct.

Hours add up.
And add on.
They wind me up.
To sing this song.
And pave the way.
To fix the wrong.
So I’ll give two hours.
No its not my home.
But I’ll give two hours.
To add on.



Rediscover Detroit


Nice poem man. *Like*

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