Meanings of "simplicity"

Ariba Hameed

All the little points of interest 

Give careful consideration 

Try not to miss a thing 

It's difficult to get it 

Yet, I see it obviously 

The numbers all include 

It's not only an incident 

It is safe to say that you are so insensible? 

That you can't perceive how it will end? 

You are of the larger part, you'll be the first to go 

Be that as it may, I'm on top of things and I'm not apprehensive 

I'll continue running and continue observing 

Until the point when I can discover some exit plan 

I'm not going to remain here and let it run its course 

You are credulous and incognizant in regards to all the truth 

Encompassing you is truth 

However you from them 

You trust the falsehoods everybody is letting you know 

And after that you ask why you were the first to go 

I don't demonstrate feel sorry for you 

It's my opportunity to run

Since I comprehend what's coming 

Before anybody can spare us...


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Our world
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