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Sun, 11/05/2017 - 21:31 -- Hydia_

Because i love you ill never forget your name

Ill remember the taste of your name as it rolls off my tongue. 

Love comes in waves, like the oceans in the deepest levels. 

Love is laying with the person you long to be with in complete silence. 

Its lying in the grass on summer nights watching days float by on the clouds of words. 

Love is honest. 

Love is crying and laughing all at the same time. 

Love is enjoying the presence of happiness through the crooked laughing smile of your love one. 

Love is the reminiscent memories of late night conversations as if work wasnt going to arrive in the morning. 

It is endearment and passion through all the cracks of worry and doubt.  Love is the shower head of kisses and hugs on all the bad days. 

Love is sharing a cup of coffee in the morning because you dont want to waste more than needed. 

Love is enjoying the company even with all clothes on 

Love is knowing each others orders on regular dinner dates. 

Love is your mind is racing throughout the night creating dreams that are too vivid to wake up from. 

Love is stepping into uncomfortable spaces but feeling normal because you’re wrapped in the cloud blanket of happiness knitted with raw unfiltered love. 

Love is having no boundaries. 

Love is loving yourself to begin to love others. 

Love is love, with no boundaries to hold back.

Love has changed. 

Love is empty promises and broken skin

Love is waking up to bruises that werent there yesterday.. 

love is hiding from your family because youve dropped thirty pounds 

Love is when your hair is falling out 

Love is always wondering why you arent good enough while the red rivers of your soul leak from your body. 

Love is buying makeup to cover the scars. 

Love is buying a new phone because you “dropped” the other one. 

Love is going to sleep on the broken hearts and the shell of your once happy body. 

Love is never knowing what the day will bring 

Love is dry tear ducts and vacant hopes. 

Love is not knowing when to let go even though you dont have the strength to hold on anymore. 

Love is substance abuse. 

Love is not remembering last night because the world got too dizzy. 

Love is leaving in an ambulance only to not return home. 


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This is both things ive gone through and witnessed. I hope you enjoy the poem. 

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