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Why are you so mean?
I don't understand
You bring me down
Again and again

I treat you fair
You pull my hair
I say please
My neck you squeeze
I say stop
You hear go
When you say yes
I'm saying no

You scare me a lot
I try to stay away
But you always find me
The very next day

I asked my mom to move
But she says I'm fine
"just stand up for yourself!
You'll be alright"

No mom, I'm not ok
No matter what
He won't go away
He hurts me bad
Take a look at me
I'm covered in bruises

I'm so sick
I want to end it all
Take my own life
Before I really fall

What's the point in living
If I can't be happy
They way I get treated
Is super crappy

That's it I'm done!
Nothing left to lose
On my face
Is the biggest bruise

He took a bat
It landed on my cheek
He beat me down
Until I was weak

I cried
He smiled
It gets exhausting
After a while

So I got up
And looked him in the eye
I blacked out
Apparently I made him cry

I broke his nose
And a finger
This guilt I have
It tends to linger

My mom told me something
I don't understand it fully
She said "way to go
Now you're the bully,"


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