Mea Caelis Praedicere

Mon, 02/16/2015 - 22:52 -- ZIX

Azure is the sky,

When, by my mind's eye,

I explore what may I,

Despite my divide.


Dull is the atmosphere,

As criminals escape,

May they come near?

Nay, they dissipate.


Only to worry,

Of what may come next,

I hurry to the sky,

And see the moon's crest. - Z.H.


Tucker Arnett

Theme suggestions: you are not deep, that is simply shit coming from your mouth, lighthearted poking of fun at people who claim themselves deep, describing petty things as if they are deep (has to be done either subtley or over the top), enough with girls, that one has been cliche long before david wrote the song of songs, try something you hate, try deconstructing (not destroying) one of your old themes, music, the color red as you see other poets (most of my suggestions folow suggestion three's advice), if it is something you love, gen tly criticize it, above all, try adding some wit to it. Imagine Sylvia Plath's "metaphors" about pregnancy or good british comedy.


Ah. That first phrase caught me off guard. Is it simply a lacking of sophistication that I write of these themes? Or would you consider this more of a character flaw? I do see a more lighthearted approach in your ideas and will definitely take that into consideration. I understand that I may be too serious in regards to my writing. It is pretty dumb of me to be so melodramatic. Thanks for the constructive criticism! So many have looked at my writing and offered nothing but thy it fit their standards of "good". Occasionally they share with me the fact that they could see my works published and that I resemble a professional. I guess that's why your initial state was a shock to me.

Tucker Arnett

It was definitely meant to catch you off gaurd. Sophistication? Zach, if you want to be unsophisticated be unsophisticated! Write about whatever the fuck you want to write about. Do not write about shit you think that you should write about! Write about farts, philosophy, blimp accidents or even faith! You liit yourself by writing about stuff that you think you should be writing about. Do not let your meekness extend into something that you love!  fight for your own self expression rather than waht other's think you should express. You do not have to take it as far as my radical individualism, but i feel as if you need to grow a spine.  Think about it like this, my motto: "I have taken up myself as my cause and i will zealously fight in the name of Tucker. I will carry mine own banner, no great multitude's will fight for my cause, let others fight for values beyond their own. My army, my nation, my religion, and my cause is Tucker, and i will make him the best cause i have ever fought for." It is not about other people, not me, You are about YOU.

Tucker Arnett

I do not mean to sound like a goddamned self help guru. I will call you out on your shit and I will praise great actions. Basically, I will do whatever feels right, rather than general reactions based off of expectation (shame, guilt, praise for trying). If asked to judge I will judge.


You've inspired me! I'm starting a new poem about a blimp explosion ASAP. I get what you mean! I'm a sellout to society and myself. Nobody, who truly loves art and/or certain artist(s), likes a sellout. This makes sense. Due to the fact that it is just believed by the populous that these are typical themes of poetry (archaic themes in regards to my own) should not mean that I should write about them. And lastly, please do judge. Wether or not you believe to be a "goddamned self help guru," I enjoy learning about the perspective of another artist. I've found that nothing inspires me like art does. Now I just have to be sure not to mimic as I have. Your philosophy and high resolution of your personal worldview is something of an art, I find. Its something that doesn't come to someone at will but requires contemplation. Do you have anything else to offer in regards to my work?

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