The Me That You Don't See

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Probably the most beautiful you've seen.


You know her as Cinderella, many see her but look right through me.

I'm known as the evil step-mother, the one that did all the torture.

Lady Tremaine, the villain of the story but little did you know that I too yearn glory.

For years I have dreamed of the castle, the prince, and the gold but I let it all go

Because for years I have been told that I didn't know,

That happily ever after is something that can never be reached.

So I settled down, I married, I gave birth. I began to teach

My daughters that they too had lives that mattered, but I got caught up

and neglected the one girl you can't seem to unsee.

Due to that I was called words you wouldn't believe, but then again you would 

Just because it's me.

But there's another side of me, The Me That You Don't See.

The me that lost her husband to a storm,

The me that feels the need to wear a gown to feel that she belongs.

The me that you don't see, is the me who YOU neglected to see the never unseen

So as you re-read the book and you see her as she dances, you'll remember me

The one who never seemed to have stolen glances.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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