Me Vs. You

Me Vs. You


Why must you walk round here; head hung high as if you’re proud of what you did back then and even during my time

I’ve watched you washed you hands with me; each time causing me to hate my own and even myself

All due to your European dominance that took place in Africa

We couldn’t stand what was looking back at us in the mirrors – we hated our hair, shapes of our noses, and certainly the color of our skin …

Yet, the rainbow, in which represents one of God’s promises are flawlessly placed strategically together… Neither strip is bigger than the other

Therefore, the color of my skin doesn’t make you any better than me

Still, you flaunt as if we’re less than you... or not as great as you

I speak, you speak back with a forced smile

You speak, you expect me to get spoken to… Only thing is I respect you, but I’m not playing the two-face game with you

Too many times have you butchered and exterminated my name; Ghetto, Coon, Black Barbie, and many more racial slurs

You’ve put shame and even manipulated our brains.

You jipped me!

I thought history only consisted of what you taught me

But come to find out, it’s more to it than what you spat at me

Knowledge is coo’, but keeping it 100 with me is better

Don’t toss me the half-truth as if I’m one of your vicious dogs you’ve abandoned

Instead, treat me as if I’m that little thousand dolla dog you got peeping out yah purse;

Shucks! I fight for everything you only have to ask for

Hmph! You say that’s not true!

So you gone look me in my face and say this world don’t belong to you?

Yeah! That’s what I thought…

Due to my skin color,

Due to the typical stereotype,

Due to my generational curse,

Due to my ancestors,

Due to our history,

I can easily be deemed as incapable....

In comparison to you

Indeed, this is sad and frustrating – but why dwell on something your lives can speak well of, while showing forth disagreement

Not disagreement in the sense of the way you treat me

But disagreement according to my reality

I am saved by God – a beautiful life has He given me

I can’t afford to hate you for the mistreatment, negativity, and stereotypical commentary

It ain’t worth my success nor my grief

I love your fake smiles

I love your “flaunt like I’m better than you” integrity

I love your words of disdain behind my back

I love how you automatically assume I do everything those of my skin color is depicted to do


It’s encouragement… 

The more you love on me with those ways, the harder I go everyday

So, you’re right… You don’t owe me anything…

But because I love you, My success will be my gift to you!

Watch me work… I got you!

As I speak out on it and live as if my love for you doesn’t have a clue of the difference between me and you..

Then will I love and respect you unconditionally, but I will not allow you to run over me due to the color of my skin.


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