Me Unbroken

Life is a tragedy when seen up close, but a comedy in the long run

I am independent, ambitious,strong and spontaneous

Inspired by success, music, love, art

Limited by self doubt, others' opinions, my insecurities, the risk of failure

Lover of my family, my talent, my life

Who feels blessed, confused, grateful

Who needs love, my family, my closest friends

Who fears failure, disappointment, humiliation

Who gives respect, encouragement, and support

Who values family, hard work, quality time

Who respects myself, my mother, anyone willing to go after what they love

Who would like to see myself make a difference in this judgmental world, see all parts of it, see myself beyond these suffocating walls of this small town

Defined by motivation

Plagued by intimidation from those, Who wants to change my view on these situations

who learns by experience, who leads by example

who follows my own path

Who will become a strong person who can say I did, I'm done and now I AM.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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