Me #nofilter

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 23:09 -- saecap

You don't wanna see the real me 

You don't care 

Why do you act like you care

Is it because maybe if I believe you for just one second 

I might pull back my layers

Filter number one peeled away leaves me helpless

I put up this one so think I'm strong

Filter number two leaves me hopeless

I put up this one so you don't see my real dreams

I don't wanna end up like you although right now I act like I do

Filter number three peeled away leaves me with tears

I don't cry...........unless I think of what we could have together

I want you to think I'm an adult crying is for children

Filter number four leaves me wounded

This is the hardest 

This filter reveals the pain behind my smile

This filter shows how hurt I really am

Once this filter is peeled away you see the real me

The me that pushes people away when they get too close


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