Me myself and I

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 19:16 -- Eman

Im stranded on a deserted island with me myself and i

Thinking of who i need with me now but i cant think of anyone but me myself and i

Cant think because i shut everyone out a long time ago, way back when i was greedy,self centered and selfish a long time ago

But that long time ago is today,i just dont realize cause im losing time....deserted on this island with me myself and i

Cant realize because these demons keep entering me through needles and drinks and "friends" that keep pushing me to be evil 

But i let it come in because ive been to dumb to realize what ive been through is dreadfull but satified me myself and i

And to me only me myself and i matters because i only have me myself and i now on this deserted island we call life

And life means alot to me...almost took it away once with a bullet but that didnt stop me

Instead what stopped me was me not a bullet,beating,or a yell from my loved ones

Not the needles who were closer than anyone has been or the friends that werent there for me besides when ive got them 

Thats why i didnt pull it on that sunny day in 2013 cause i realized what it means if i try to be me i could finally let go

Of me myself and i and only then and there will i be satisified

Im stranded on a deserted island now, now only me and thats who i really need...only me, the real me just wish i came quicker for you and im sorry


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