Me a female evolving into a peice of the world.

I speak , words sway from within my mouth

almost like heaven in the distance

I am Me, Myself and I

My eyes glicen like like the First rocket Sheering through the clouds with lots people crowding

A new invention such as myself

A new creation , Im evolving to be.

Strong willed with a heavey focus, but to me  it is like Earths Rotation.

I am Me, Myself, and I

Looking into a mirror despite my self reflection over weight on moment 

A trend of my determination 

I've gained alot of security, Faith, Hope, Destiny and will power

Taking an eight month journey  to see half of the reflection

Losing 80 pounds blasting and kicking the fat right off

With my Pride and dignity i put up a good fight

My battle wounds healed up but in the mirror i still see stretch marks

I am Me Myself and I

Earth is my platform where i stand on leaving a mark with one movement at a time

Intellegence is key which i have

but without a frett i handeled it and many other things along with that

Beautiful , Intelligent and a strong  women is how society views me

But beneath the the surface but in my exterior i am improving myself as the women i have been taught to be.

Me, Myself and I

Challenges have a gain or loss within the end but i chose to win no matter the outcome or events i have been thrown in.

Me, Myself and I

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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