Me, Myself, and I


Many people proclaim that their boosts are from their phone.

Or the quotes and the music they see or hear

But is that something they truly own?

We only have ourselves to motivate; to love, to fear.


What uplifts me is me, myself, and I.

I will be there to hold myself till I die.

I am resilient, today, tomorrow, and such

I motivate myself to stand back up, strong and untouched.


Now, the question is, what HELPS me get uplifted?

That’s where people expect me to say my phone.

But honestly, that isn’t what got me sifted.

Because it isn’t any object or saying alone.


Abstraction and life can make me smile.

Friends and family can make me laugh.

But eventually, they will leave, making myself fragile

To the point where my soul will breach in half.


People who aren’t deep in thought won’t understand

About why I chose me, myself, and I.

Then when life snatches everything out of their hands,

They’ll be confused, repeatedly asking how and why.


My smile, my day.

I live my life in my own unique way.

I laugh the loudest and sing the proudest

I argue the smartest and talk the modest


Society can’t identify me,

but I can identify society

Which is one big illusion of anxiety.


I’m looking forward to the world

But people only look at me as a conceited teenage girl.


Yet, those are the people who look at their phones day and night

And hardly spend a day out in the sunlight.

Those are the people who will never understand

Why they’ve evolved to walk on land.


Someday, people will see the reason why,

I chose me, myself, and I.


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