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Hi! My name is Omar and you will find                     

That I'm one of a kind.I know that I'm imperfect

and that God is divine.Me and my mind.

Ever since I was a little boy,a pencil has

become my favorite toy.

And reading and writing is my pride and joy.             


Me and my mind.

I admit I am austictic

And have moments I go ballistic.

Yet I remain optimistic.

Me and my mind.

Some people think I'm mad as a hatter

Every time I hate what I hear

And they say "What 's the matter?"

I tell them"I don't like your chatter!"

Me and my mind.

God,you know I hate profanity

I drives me to insanity.

Oh,for the love of humanity!

Me and my mind.

Some people tease me and life get tough.

I,myself,am a diamond in the rough.

I deserve a chance to strut my stuff.

Me and my mind.

My memory is strong and well rehearsed

To know any subject and any verse.

It's a blessing and a curse.

Me and my mind.

There are moments in my life to love or to fight.

I'm smart,sensitive,creative,and polite.

And have the ability to know what is wrong and what is right.

Me and my mind.

No matter what's in my mind or DNA,

Here are the words I'll begin to pray:

"God made me special in every way."

Me and my mind.

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Wow that is great! Love it


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