Me and My Man


And I respond so readily,

As this does bring me joy.

I rant about a funny one

Breaking free my snorts,

A boy who does not care about

How others wear their shorts.

He must not be self-conscious

Or snooty when provoked

Must lighten every darker time

With bright remarks or jokes.

He should be rather brilliant,

As I am that myself,

‘Cuz I know how to pick ‘em well,

Those boys with moral wealth.

He’ll love me when I’m sleeping

No less when I’m awake.

Loves superhero movies

And strawberry shortcake.

He’ll know just when I’m feeling sad

And how to cheer me up.

My boy will have the best outlook

And half fill my life’s cup.

And last not least but most of all

I want my dad to see,

I want this boy to be my friend,

A boy who’s just like me.


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