Always been surrounded by many different races

Always talking to different people, yet, no place where I belong

Not fitting into my own race and other races

African American girl constantly associated with one stereotype

Assuming that I am a loud and “ghetto” person

I thought I found a place where I belonged

but that was dreadfully wrong.


Why do you “act white”

“I do not know?”

Constantly made fun of how I acted

Laughing with them to shield myself from the embarrassment.

Taking more accelerated classes

Caring about grades without being called “white”.

Finding friends

But straying away from a part of myself,

My culture

Better understanding of who I am, what my goals are

Loving being who I am no matter what others say

I am me no matter what.


This poem is about: 
My community





You go girl! keep being true to yourself, i love your poem

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