To Me.

Dear Me,

    As I stare unto you I write these messages embedded like cement, and permanent like printed words on a piece of paper in my head. I’m not quite clear on what these words mean but I know it’s something different. I never really know what my mind wants me too think anymore, one minute I’m this girl with dreams far beyond the soul can see, then I’m one minute I’m this cloud, a touch of nothingness with a pinch of sadness and a for dessert a thin slice of gloom. I’m this body full of light then I’m full of a dark room with nothing but myself is within it. As I stare unto you I with these messages embedded in my head I don’t if I should cry or not because if you cry, you can’t stop’ll be crying forever, and because when you cry ...who really hears you , everyone says they do they really?. As stare into I stare harder I don’t cry...I smile, because I know what these cemented stamped words in my head mean, some days it’s okay to feel how you feel, but don’t feel too much, don’t feel burdened, weak. You are filled with a strong light, filled with love and dreams that the soul can and will see, your dreams are not far they’re right with you...I stare unto you...I see my reflection smiling back at more clouds. All Light...I am free...

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