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He saw them coming 
As his smile faded.
The thought of running
Was flowing through
His head.
But he kept walking.
He walked on by.
Through jokes about
His small size and long hair.
Jokes about his skin
And the clothes he wears.
They were few in number
But their words were many,
And their actions,
Still echoed...

Until it happened.
With those memories 
In mind, and bad feelings 
Left behind he 
reinvented himself. 
He grew strong with the
Memory of what it 
Felt like to be weak.
He grew bold with
The memory of being
Unable to speak.
And he grew confident with
The memory of 
Feeling ashamed.

He called on Jesus name
Until nothing but His 
grace remained.
He gave Thanks daily 
To recycle his pain 
For power,
And did so on his 
Knees to relieve 
His sorrow;
Through surrender.
That kid is never gone
But now he has grown strong,
And through his faith,
He continues to walk on.

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