One that takes steps
One by one
Day by day
Hoping it will rain
Freedom of mental purgatory

You ungrateful ass
Black ass
An ass I am for kissing ass
For the longest
Trying to get love to love me for me
It's all bad
Because realizing
Love won't do its name
Without a purpose
So what is the purpose of me
Trying to get love to do it's doings
When I can't do it myself
A dumb ass I remain

But not that dumb to forget
That roses are red
And that I'm blue because
Violets and violence
Have my tears falling
To a rhythm
No poetic cliche
Can't tap a tune too

So pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird
I am that pretty bird
Needing life
Trying not to cry
While yelling from 53 in silence
About being a third generation
Victim of verbal violence

That pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird
Shot down from cloud nine
Left with two wings damaged
A shattered torso
And a heart beat more irregular than before

I am one that walks with fly
And a head held low
Glanced at by peers, staff, and visitors
Who know nothing of my song
Pretty Bird
Who knows the name verbal abuse
But not the game
Made for victims like myself to lose

Kept in a mindset
Where words of the wicked
Enslave me in a region where
Words are masters
Definition the whip
Mind is the captured

Had I known from birth
That people speak to confuse
And do what they mean
The trauma I speak
Of past and present
Wouldn't be what I present today

An ass I wouldn't be today
Back cracked and wings taken back
A pretty bird I would remain

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