This Is Me

This is me.

I’m clumsy at times,

And sometimes i can be a little rude.

There are times when i doubt myself,

Then there are times when i want to give myself,

A big pat on the back.

I’m a Christian,

But yet i don’t do the things i’m supposed to.

My self esteem is so low,

That it could probably reach Hell.

I am not confident in myself,

And i will shy away from being a leader.

I don’t like being alone,

Everyone is just like that aswell.

I have thought of running away,

I came close to it in fact.

I was right on the edge of slipping away,

From everyone i know and love.

I will not lie,

I’ve taken a blade across my flesh.

I watched the blade go across my caramel skin,

I watched the blood trickle from my punctured wound.

My personality is not that great.

It can go from sweet to crazy in .3 seconds.

Who i am to people amazes me,

Like why do you feel the need to be around me?

But it’s who i am the reason why they are there,

I can be confident,

I can have my self esteem,

I can be a nice girl,

I can have faith in myself,

Because this is who i am,

This is me.


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