Up to Me

It's all up to me;That thought is scary.What if I am wrong?Could it do much harm?I wish I could stayQuiet anyway. But speak out I must,Because myself I trust.I cannot stay silentAs though ruled by a tyrant.I'm in the land of the free!I can help people see!I can try, anyway,I can try everydayTo bring help,To bring hope,To the world.



Not sure what happened to the format...

It's all up to me;

That thought is scary.

What if I am wrong?

Could it do much harm?

I wish I could stay

Quiet anyway.

But speak out I must,

Because myself I trust.

I cannot stay silent

As though ruled by a tyrant.

I'm in the land of the free!

I can help people see!

I can try, anyway,

I can try everyday

To bring help,

To bring hope,

To the world.


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