I’m complicated,

Yet easy to read.

I may be a follower,

But I can easily lead.

          I am everything you wished for,

And nothing you can picture.

I’m the lethal disease,

Yet I’m the perfect cure.

          I may be stupid,

But I learn a ton.

I do things for a purpose,

Then just for fun.

          I’m insane,

But always real.

I may be a bitch,

But I can feel.

          I can be sexy,

And a tomboy.

I can be nice,

Then really coy.

          I think of flowers,

Then suicide.

I’m so honest,

Yet I’ve lied.

          I’m a hypocrite,

But give good advice.

 I’m really dull,

Then really precise.

          So locked down,

But with a key,

You’ll find that I,

        I am just me.

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