This is me


Closed eyes and a deep breath before lifting myself up;

Cotton slips from my shoulders and cascade to the floor

as wood creaks from small feet leaving the room.

Young fingers outline the shadows that conceal my face,

then pull red full lips into a fabricated smile.

Green eyes pierce through the mirror 

as a dangerous smirk fills those scarlet lips.

Blonde curls frame a plain face as 

the rest tumbles down my shoulders.


Hazel eyes narrow as harsh words

are sneered out of my plump lips.

Middle finger stands proud at those

who stare to long.

Emerald eyes close with annoyance

as precise calculated words

are spoken out of my crimson lips.

Green eyes soften as loving words

are whispered through my fallen lips.

This is me! slips through tainted lips.



A bubbly smile covers up a 

young cynical woman. A woman who

so badly wants to be young again,

for she grew up far too soon. 

My eyes are filled with rebellious energy,

as my heart is filled with hope and blissful ignorance,

as my brain cancels out every emotion

with meticulous calculated  precaution.

I am wild, I am rebellious, I am young.


I am wise, I am tired, I can see the world for

the harsh reality that it is.


This is me, unfiltered.


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