To Mayor Bill De Blasio


Dear Bill De Blasio,


You tell us to stop “resisting arrest”. Are referring to the way we do 24/7? Perhaps, do you just mean living when you say “resisting arrest”? I wonder if this is what you would tell Dante. A son, no matter if he owned a gun or reason for “suspicion” besides his pigment, a color we know all too well. Too bad… Make sure to let your children that this is the way it is, next time. Rear fear, if you’re morally sound with the idea that lives can end unfinished as ellipses, or like those “stolen cigars”... or that Arizona… or the last breathe still pleading the fifth & for his life at the same time in a chokehold, somewhere… In America, a black boy is going unfinished. But, you say stop resisting arrest as if you're compelled to say so, as if you're hands were tied behind your back, like you were being held at gunpoint and had no choice, as if you were the one under arrest and weren't even told why, as if you had the right to remain silent rather than accountable for a department for the city of which you govern, like politicians properly represent those that got them where they are, or something...

Like you were dying here with us,
The black community

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