Maybe I want to be evil (the real princesses’ story)

Maybe I want to be evil (the real princesses’ story)


 They all see me

So perfect, so prissy

But mommy I'm evil

Don't you forget it

I hate wearing this

Puffy, pink dress

And walking down this aisle

Like a dumb, damsel in distress

I'm better than that

Much greater than that

Very independent

But you can't identify that

I might be pretty

But does not mean I can talk that talk

I might seem good to you mother

But does not mean I can walk that walk

I want to be like you mom

But you wear your backward shoes

And pretend you’re evil inside

But really a goody two shoes

But enough about you

This once upon a time poem is about me

Mommy, I want to be evil

And live the bad lifestyle of a villain

Keep killing and killing

Until I run out of all my adrenaline

Why you lie to me all these years?

Being a softy on the inside all the time

But really should be the princess living the lie

I should be the stepmother

Living in my own hateful denial

Faking a terrible facade

So I can hide my own pride

But in actual reality

I'm hurting on the inside

Trying to keep up with my old disguise

Maybe we should switch different side

So we both can be happy on the inside

Living in truth and not living a dumb lie.

Living in happiness, but not our own deny.

Being our true self and showing our real pride.

But you don't want that

Be stepmother and I'm the pretty, perfect princess

I'm going to escape and you going to be stuck with it.

Because mother, maybe I want to be evil

And put on a mean, black hood

So I can terrorize the kingdom and be happy for good.














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