Most responsible. Maneuvering through each day. Maybe locked away, or roaming around free. More extroverted, charismatic, determined, & even kind some might say. May you be her friend & not her enemy.

Alone once, but not anymore. Always persistent & resilient. Appears as a girl, until they look inside. Anyone will regret calling her ordinary.

Yen most times, until those she loves are in pain. Yielding only when she makes her point or when an issue is resolved. Yelling in frustration, the only way she copes. Youthful expression hides her maturity. Yearns for freedom to finally do as she pleases. Yes, she’s not like the rest.

Always compassionate & empathetic. Anything purple or black will catch her eye. Authentic, always speaking her mind without glossing over. Attentive to her younger sister, she’s the oldest of the two. Articulate & quick, she intends to never miss!

-Maya R., 7/7/21

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