May It Be True

I look in the mirror
and what I see
is a beat-up version
of the person that’s me


One morning
I woke up
and I couldn’t walk.
My legs were numb
I could barely feel them.
I thought they were asleep.


I was wrong.


The fear
The terror
The thoughts

What was happening to me?


It took hours
until I felt normal again.


I thought it was a one-time thing….
but then it kept happening
and I needed to know.

Then I did research
and the tears came
because I knew
deep down inside
what the answer would be.


I put my life
in the hands of my doctors
I trust them with my life
and that scares me
because I do not truly
know them.


But this doctor
this new Neurologist
I have a good feeling about him.

May it be true.



This is my poem about my MS-like symptoms. I do not know if I have MS and I haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor (yet). I just wrote this poem to get my mind off things.

Enjoy ^^


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Jan Wienen

Thank you

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