Maximus Animus (The best Mind)


My Philosophy,-

-It’s Flawless,


It’s Visceral, immaculate.

No right, no wrong.

Naught but self-reflection,

A supernova’s glow, set upon all direction.

I set out through the seas of life, philosophically.
I look past the turbulent waves of ‘problems’ and see solutions.

Answers to the questions at hand.

I see Learning opportunities, growth hormones, machine’s working methodically.

Lubricated cogs of the brain, whirring as chapters of life’s book are printed.

I look upon mistakes, grow upon them,

Creating a fuel that drives me forth.

Drives me into ambition, into greatness,

A philosophy to emphasize my worth.

Magazines, movies, makeup; they’re all lies.


TRUE beauty, - is held in the heart.

The brain.       

The soul.

It’s Impeccable, unmarred.

My philosophy,-

-It’s flawless.


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