Math Teacher, Sass Preacher



He walks across the room waving his ruler in the air

doesn't he know that half the class doesn't even care?

He acts like he's so ahead of us

oh dear teacher, you're about as useful as pizza crust.


Students ask you questions, 

but you act like they're asking for twitter mentions.

It's math class 

there's no need to be so full of sass.

It's not that hard 

to read my name off a notecard.


So when you ask me to solve a problem and I can't

don't smile like you're on a commercial for Rembrandt.

And when you sigh

it doesn't make me want to hide in a corner and die.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm a senior

or that I think I have a perfect demeanor.


And if in the future I find 

that you were right and I was blind,

I will surely apologize 

and look into your black eyes

even if I fear them

but I know that I'll never need the Pythagorean Theorem. 



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