But this is a math class

Oh Sweet Jesus no, please no, you're at it again 

Repeat and- oh, re-repeat? You're not making much sense

Every day with impressive display you walk this way and articulate 

The stories of your son, how he runs and has fun... which is great


But this is a math class.


Don't get me wrong, your teaching is totally rock solid

The only thing I know about more than trig is ironically your kid

"He shoots, he scores!" "For your work, do pages 67-84!" 

"He eats with spoons, not forks!" "Should we go over radians some more?"

You get work done so I can't complain, but that's during class, I must explain

Today's an exam, no time to cram, no time to say what your kid did today

Clock's a-clickin, Time's a-tickin, we all get that talkin about your son's got you grinnin


But this is a math class.


We really want to pass.

We can't start immediately beause apparently that's crass.

You wind down, "Pipe down!" to the class clown, look around and nod your head

With fifteen minutes left in class, my chances of finishing this exam are dead






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