Thu, 08/08/2013 - 12:50 -- Eunoia

The Honey coils

Fibbonnaci sequence

the cycle of life

that wheels are on track

turning in turning out

but never parallel


every moment of the night

the sun's aflare

burning bright


the brain reflects

that is clear like a mirror


that light bounces

off the universal recipe

that spins in circles

set into time like gravity

weighing down the fabric of enternity

causing the illusion

that tme is a line



We can see what we want to lear

but are we too scared to know

to face something unknown

that we fear?



Imani Sophia

You paint pictures with your words. Your poems are simply brilliant


I agree with Imani. That was beautiful and captures all the elements of what I think make up a great poem. :)

anyssa beeb

Mirrored thought,

like fractal sequence.

Be it so, a parity appearence. 

A second observer of the wheel;

Dual eye to reveal,

the coils and sequence this realm and I conceal. 


"...that tme is a line..."

"...We can see what we want to lear..."  (not a verb)

Apart from these apparent errors, it was decently enjoyable.

I very much see that you are trying to paint a picture, but I'm honestly not sure what it is.

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