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In the realm of doubts, an Atheist's plea, 

Amidst the solace faith can bestow, 

Why shun Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist decree, 

That offers solace when the night's shadows grow?

Atheists arrogance suggest the highest form

the physical flesh, ignoring the unknown. 


Dismiss the notion of what's beyond,

Greenblatt's query echoes, truth profound, 

A passive God, uninterested, unbound,

Revealing naught, untempted to respond. 

In dreams and wishes, time's harmonious call, 

Seeking fulfillment through rituals, we enthrall.


At 11:11, hopes ignite and bloom, 

Aligned with time, desires we exhume, 

Crystals sought, mystic energy they hold, 

Amplifying intentions, wishes unfold. 

Coins tossed, with hopes on waters' flow, 

Answers returned from distant shores, aglow.


Contributions made to church's embrace, 

Faith's act rewarded, wishes find their place,

Yet unfulfilled, hopes waver, unsure, 

Uncertainty's balance, wishes endure. 

Existence's purpose, a higher power's reign, 

The limits of faith, understanding's strain.


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