The Master and the Slave


So nice to meet you

Before we begin, please allow me to introduce myself

My name is Heroin

Some people call me H 

But I go by many names

Doesn't matter what you call me

In the end it's all the same

I live in many houses

On many streets

In many towns

Look within the shadows 

You'll see how easy I am found

I love to meet new people

I have so many friends

They know I'll never leave them

I'm loyal to the end

Just keep me in your pocket

I'll be your new best friend

The one upon which

You always can depend

And if you stick with me

I'll take away your pain

But try to leave

And you won't believe

How quick you'll go insane

I will make your life so sweet

Every night and every day

But it's not free

You soon will see

They all will someday pay

The price is not too high

All I ask of you is this

Surrender all to me

They say ignorance is bliss

Give me your tired mind

Give me your body and your soul

Life becomes so simple

When you surrender all control

I'll be all you ever need

All you want

All you crave

You'll be mine

But I won't be yours

The Master and the Slave

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Our world
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