Wearing a mask

Pretending to be something I'm not

Impressing you, with the persona of a stranger

Without being caught.

Who knew, you would be doing the same.



Each step in time with the music

Slowly, but surely;

My mind and heart become confused


Behind the mask,

Another person glows

"Why you?" My mind asks.

"Why not?" My heart answers.

So I set out on the task.


In the middle of the dance floor

Under the chandelier's glow

You reached out your hand,

And blindly I follow

Not knowing the answer was in a dreamland.


The lights, a spotlight

The music blocking the world

Just us in a fairytale.

Until we parted as you twirled,

Making the world black and white.


Confused and lost,

The touch of your hand disappearing

Struggling at all cost

To keep reality from appearing,

Reminding me of the cruelty and jugment.


I need you...

Everything is so much clearer

I don't need a mask

And neither do you.

I no longer need to fear

Of what others may ask.


As long as you are by my side

As long as we can dance together,

I will toss the mask aside

Hoping it will last forever.

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