I can sense your harsh glare

As I descend the stairs

The room is full to the brim

But your seemingly placid face is all too grim

An eerie silence chills me to the bone

Though I am anything but alone

My eyes follow you slink through the crowd

The voices of choir echo loud

Now here you are, offering me a gloved hand

Which I accept upon your demand

I know not who you are

Only that you travelled from afar

With all the guests in black and white,

Basking in the glow of the chandelier light

My crimson dress is much too brazen

For this joyous occasion

You pull me ever so slightly, begging me to chase

Under the mask, I do now recall your face

My mother flirted with you many a year

Unlike many, not succumbing to fear

You lead me down a windy stair case

Making each move with elegance and grace

Deeper and deeper into darkness we descend

How strange this is how I should meet my end

It is not as I had dreamed

Without any wicked schemes

Gentle, kind, and wise

Compassion lies in those soulful eyes

You wipe away my single tear

Though I do not cry from fear,

Instead from the strange misleadings

Of those poor gents up above pleading

‘Do not take me, this I pray’

But on this warm midsummer’s day

I learned the truth about you

Nothing they say is true

You are not cruel, are not devious

Not a thing about you is mischievous

I know who you are, yet I am unafraid

Though I am much too young for this, never would I evade

Your sweet embrace

Death’s sweet embrace





I love this poem! I felt like I was in the poem :)

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