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Better to be lost
than loved
than to pay the cost
to be pushed and shoved

against the wall
on your back
lost it all
and the time to track

Seconds and hour
An hour, forever
Left in the darkroom to cower
A thousand knots to untether

The night that once blinked
Sparkled in wonder
Has now become inked
Lost of all its splendor

When the wind was a whisper
That brushed against our skin
Now it's so much harsher
A rattling ,howling din

The gutters of our brain
The alcohol of our mind
It's all that keeps us sane
In the efforts to put behind

But in circles they run
From back to front
Like clouds that block the sun
and rain that for you, hunt

But there's one thing
I'll say every time
I'd do it all again
For my life isn't worth a dime

For when her eyes are damp
And her heart is cracked
I'll be there
To take on the slack

He who holds her hand
That too many times was slapped
And with all I can
Hides all I'm apt

Masks the Pain
Hides the Fear
For I won't let that stain
A moment while you're here

And when again you smile
And I'm no longer needed
I'll walk that lonely mile
Happy that I succeeded



I thought it was really good, it just flowed so well. :)

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