You were invincible.Tough as nails. Nothing ever got to you.Or so everyone believed,Until the dayYou killed yourself. You carried yourself with an upright zealMade it taboo to show any sign of weakness.While your fortress stood steady,Everything inside crumbled.  It appeared that you woreAn impenetrable suit of armor, But the swords and daggersEmbedded themselves deep within youTo a place where physical pain ceasesAnd and a soul-felt storm begins The armor, no, not armorFor armor protects you,And what you woreWas purely for the sake Of those who “love” you.  No more than a maskIt Was a facadeConcealing the truth behind it.The thing about masks?They are not permanent.  But after all this time,The mask became part of youFusing its plastic skin With your hollow face. So Emotionally worn outThe mask attempted to remove itself.Dependant of it and now Inseparable, You two became oneThe both of you, shatteredNothing left to give. It’s not your fault.You’ll be missed. 


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