Mask of the Smiling


I will smile at everything.

Happiness, sadness, seriousness, everything that I can.

I can't help but to hide myself.

Why do I do such a thing? I find it as a survival tactic for myself.

My mask is how I keep going in life depending on the situation.

I even laugh every now and againg to disregard something hurtful.

I don't want o experience negative things so i put on my mask.

Most poeple would say it's unhealthy to do so all the time.

I say it's how I live. Others don't know what I go through.

I can't even begin to tell anyone what I go through on a daily basin.

Why? Because I constantly feel judged about everything I do by anyone and everyong.

Even my own family judges me, or so I think they do.

My mask is my shield to protecting my happiness and I wish I had poeple to understand that.

need my mask and I will wear it forever if I have to.

That's just me...


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