Mask A Confession

I have made Mona Lisa’s

Feel like nothing but pieces of paper,

Spent days,

Treating myself as the victim

When I’m the one

That ruined your art,

I’m a magician 

Watch my hands as I

Steal your heart,

A manikin,

Dressed up

For display purposes only

Don’t get too comfortable with my appearance,

I’ll switch clothes like I do women


I’ve taken time

Carefully planting seeds in hearts

But not staying around long enough to see something grow

Made you feel special,

But you’re just Friday

Think of the other days of the week,

I say I understand women

But can’t even tell you

What they look like with the lights on


Constantly repeated

Lose value

That’s why I call you “beautiful”

Consider me a puppet master

I’ll make you dance off my words

But know,

You’re not the only toy I play with

I wear a mask

Make you think you’re seeing me

But I don’t even see you,


Does not blind an individual

It just gives personification

To things

Ready to run out our lives


My name is Derick

I have a problem with being honest

I carry more sides to me

Than a geometric shape

I’m addicted to girls,

With a nice smile

And a beaten past

I feast

My fangs on their innocence

But I’m telling you I’m different

At least,

I won’t get you pregnant with no kid

Just pregnant with the

THOUGHT of loving me



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