The mask.


A kid I knew

Had a face askew

shifted by

anothers knuckle

and I could tell who

of which crew

the offender was,

by that skull buckle.

I said nuthin

as my face kept bluffing

because if I did

It would be my turn

You see, masks are something

because they're stuffing

morality inside

so that we can learn

Don't mess with them

or you'll feel phlegm

on your naked face

so you stay weak.

But if you dare

stand up and share

those lovely thoughts

others will seek

To change the power

to those who cower

because they believe

that those who love

Will mend those faces

and stitch all the bloody spaces

so lift your mask

and stand up now.

Or you'll end up

curled, like a pup

in your bed

reliving times you should have said

Sure those knuckles are rough

but they aren't strong enough

to supress whats right

under humanities light.


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