The Mask


Waking in the morning is already hard enough

Putting makeup on that early is getting pretty tough.

All the concealer and foundation to cover up your "mess"

Instead of thinking your face is perfect- don't think that it is less.

That eyeshadow and mascara can't cover up the light,

That shines through your eyes every day and every night. 

Although the makeup gives you an alternative, fake, mask. 

Pretending you look like someone else is a hard enough task.

Makeup just conceals the pretty face within,

The only thing that shines through is your most radiant grin. 

Your appearance is something beautiful, don't hide what you bestow.

Because you already woke up flawless, no need to hide your glow.


I've learned to put away my alternative disguise,

And already my self-confidence is on the climbing rise. 

I no longer spend my time worrying about how I appear,

because I know that what's inside, breaks through the clear.

I let my natural beauty shine like the rising sun.

No longer hiding my face: I know that I have won. 

I know my appearance is beautiful, I don't hide what I bestow.

I know I wake up flawless, I no longer hide my glow. 


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