I saw you

Don't pretend like you didn't notice

We made eye contact

You swallowed

I watched your Adam's apple rise and fall

As nervousness formed pools over your pupils

Glassy-eyed you became as realization flickered in my hazels

As comprehension crept into my being

Flashing before your eyes and mine

I saw the paper

The letters scrawled at the top

Mansion you hope, Apartment you have, Shack you escape, House you avoid

And I saw the options

I saw three pretty names of three pretty girls

The popular ones, athletic they are and snide forever shall be

Even four years later

The stupid ones, if you paid any attention

(But you were probably too busy

Jerking off to their selfies on Instagram)

To notice the poison that flowed from their painted masks

But I know how MASH works

I've done it before

So I knew that when I saw my name

I was the one undesired

The one that, if I was the remainder

Would make your face blossom crimson

As your friends slapped your back, laughing

At your condemnation to someone as repulsive as I

I find you equally, if nor more repulsive, but not in looks

(You shallow bastard)

But in the fact that you can't seem to see beyond them

Even at fourteen I was wiser

And I knew then that, if that was all you allowed your eyes to see

That you would forever be unhappy

I hope you learn,

But if you don't,

Would I be all that shocked? No.

Because even at fourteen, I saw your fate

A seer am I, a medium in both spirit and size

My mind is my crystal ball,

And when I gaze into it, your guilty face plastered in my memory and mind's eye

All I see is the lacking of goodness in your future

Because if I am undesirable,

God save your soul

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