Martin's Dream

Will you be missed as you sit alone?

What once was life now scab and bone?

After the worms have feasted and had their fill

and wiped their mouthes on their napkin bibs?

Will you be mised as the days go by and your family members 

now laugh instead of cry? 

You sit in a lonely tomb day to day, praying that someone will come your way

Will you be missed as you face the fact that you're dead and never coming back?

So you turn to your peers on your left and right

and ask them for a friendly word of advice and they tell you, 

"Its not just you, it's every African American in our society."

They explained from how Martin to Rosa they both took a stand,

Just so today I could call myself an educated black man.

Taken from kings and queens to working on our hands and knees

Times often got so hard they cried out God just take me please.

Some faught back and some tried to flee,

But that only made our whippings worse and we ended up up six feet deep.

See, what I'm trying to say is that racism isnt just found in the KKK,

All of these are murders and court cases we see today.

The color of our skin is the price we pay.

We can't help the extra melanin the lies within.

Being convicted of a crime and thrown in jail, or what our race calls the pin.

The pin is like a cage. 

A cage where you are beaten so bad that you don't want to live to see another day.

These are just a couple of things that my young eyes have seen.

We are no longer in chains, but are we yet free?

Only to hear about hate murders and hate crimes all on T.V.

So I say this for us to come together as one.

Not for our generation, but our future daughters and sons.

So lets stand strong and have good faith while Mr. Corporate sits in the chair.

And lets make this world Martin's Dream instead of Martin's nightmare.

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My country


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