Standing behind the curtains

Hiding from the crowd

He really wants to see her openly

But his presence is too loud


She’s been waiting for her moment

It seems it’s finally here

She scans the crowd discreetly

And lets loose one more tear


He promised he would be here

But then again what’s new

The late night conversation

Full of empty promise and blues


From behind the curtains

He sees the lonely tear

He wishes he could catch it

All he wants it to be near


But the public is between them

And they would never understand

That these are the moments

He should be holding her hand


It might just be homecoming

That he stands under the seats

But these are the little moments

That make her life complete


He starts to get angry

With himself, with the crowd

His depression starts to cover him

Looming like a cloud


He wants to give up hiding

And be the man she wants

To shout “I’m always here for you”

But the words all sound too blunt


This isn’t how it should happen

They think in concurrently

She’s his special princess

Shining, sparkly


It’s not fair to her to be here

But there’s no other way to be

They both fight to believe it

In sad concurrency


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