Tue, 10/28/2014 - 08:58 -- I'jaaz

Standing tall, this bride of mine

Resplendent in white, a glow in time

Her eyes as bright as sparkling gems


Walking down, she's pure and sublime

Toward the time when time is combined

Through all the years of my life

When she stood by me through trouble and strife


She remained as pure as the day she was born

Though she weathered through frightening storms

That she would give her soul to me

Gives a testament to her bravery

That cooled my eyes and humbled my soul

So that I would always help her grow

Into the woman she would forever be


She is my soul, and she of mine

Forever bonded, do we combine

There it goes, there is my cue


For we all must pass by the immortal "I do."


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