To the one who inspires me the most,

The one who consistently boasts,

You mean more than the world to me.

You taught me how to dance and be free;

I learned more than discipline from you;

I learned what it means to come through.


Marlon, my color guard instructor,

You are like a train conductor.

The one in charge of the strategic pieces

To make us shine, which only increases.

Thank you for always putting us first,

Making us feel like we’re not the worst.


The way you choreograph our work,

Always teaching us with a smirk.

We adore your hard work and determination

Because it is done without any limitation.


Thank you for inspiring me for 4 years,

I hope one day soon, I’ll be all ears.

I want to be the one who inspires you the most.

I want to be the one who consistently boasts.


This poem is about: 
My family


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