Here I am, a sailor from Italy

I ask to sail for my home country

They reject me and I begin to leave the country angrily

I believe the world is round

I say that if I head west, the Indies I am bound.


I go to Spain

I think maybe I could sail for the Spanish Main

I go to the king and Queen of the land.

I ask them for a ship well manned

They ask me why and I tell them my thought.

I say that I can bring back riches that cannot even be bought.


Their Majesties ponder the plan

They say it is great and to do what I can

Those benevolent rulers are too kind to me.

I thank them with much gratitude and announce that I am heading out to sea.

An order is sent out by King Ferdinand

That order is for men, who for riches and glory, would sail to a distant land.

They will touch down on some foreign sand


Three ships in total are fit for my use.

The Nina , the Piñta  and the Santa Maria all hoping on return to be like a stuff goose

We set sail to sea

Without heading, map or key.

It is many months that we are sailing

Everyday I see my men’s faith failing


Stand up ye noble men

We sail for those of the land with a wren

Do not let your hopes die

When I speak they let out a sigh

They speak to me of the two lost ships

Silence I say and button your lips


In the distance I spy a small speck

It is growing now appearing bigger than a fleck

It is land, I yell and my men are with joy

My hopes grow and we are now the Spanish envoy.

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Our world
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